-Complete Mix

We blend our Multiseed concentrate mix with no added sugar, and no burnt sugar. The mix is instead flavoured and coloured with natural malt - making it a healthier and tastier alternative to the other multiseed bread mixes currently on the market.

Our Multiseed has a gorgeous malt flavour and a subtle earthy natural  flavour from malts. We grind our own flax seeds to go into the mix. This not only ensures flavour but also allows nutrients to be absorbed by the body where normally the seed would pass through with no benefit. Along with this we also have jumbo oats and bran added for a more lasting full feeling without the overload of simple carbs associated with white breads and artificially coloured white breads.

You can buy this product in concentrate form. This is in a 16kg white sealed plastic craft bag. You add 50% concentrate to 50% white flour - or the flour of your choice. Yeast and water.

We can also supply this as a complete mix which is just add water. 16kg.