Welcome to Bespoke Blending

Our aim is to meet the needs of individual companies and by working with them to develop cake and bread mixes (or something that is mutually beneficial) to suit their needs to be most competitive and innovative in their industry whilst maintaining the best quality and using the healthiest ingredients possible.
We also have a product range for the Artisan baker/ Dessert Manufacturer or Chef who can add their skill to the product to give an excellent and consistent product to their customers time after time.

Pictures of your Ideas using our products.
It will be great to receive your pictures of what you do with the mixes. These can be shared to give others ideas and inspire each other so we can develop and grow together.
Each picture I use on our web page or any where else will get you a free bag of mix of your choice. All the pictures will be saved and your details on the back.  At the end of the year all the pictures used will be put into a draw. One will be picked out and will receive a prize.

We aim to have further competitions and draws as our customer base grows. We will also have a loyalty scheme. This will include all products bought from us back dated from day one of your purchase. This will be paid in high street vouchers. This will be 2% of  your purchases  paid out  in November each year.


We have a standard range of products to supply the food industry. However if the product you require is not on this list please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pack Sizes
If we don't have the size you would like please ask. 

Product List

    • Plain Cake Mix
    • Chocolate Cake Mix
    • Plain Sponge Mix
    • Chocolate Sponge Mix
    • Plain Muffin Mix
    • Chocolate Muffin Mix
    • Chocolate Brownie Mix
    • Madeira Cake Mix
    • Carrot Cake Mix
    • Reduced Sugar Cake Mix
    • Bread and roll Concentrates and Mixes
    • Pizza Dough Mix
    • Your Companies Bespoke Mix

Product Development

We see product development as a key area for working with existing and new customers to ensure we keep at the forefront of innovation. Please feel free to email or phone us with your details and requirements.


All our mixes come in a white heat sealed craft sack with blue inner. Labelled with the product code recipe and BB date.


Working together

Accurate Blending

Quality Product